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These semi circle coral and champagne coloured earrings give a modern chic touch to any outfit.

The Coral Collection celebrates the beauty of the sea and the women represented through Greek mythology who protected it.

Nana was the daughter of the river God Sangarius.

Materials: Champagne, Coral leather. Gold plated earrings hooks

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This product was handmade with the upmost care, using the best quality materials and products. Each piece of jewellery by Catherine de Crèvecoeur may have variations in colour and small irregularities which are proof of its authenticity. Some suede and leather fabrics may pick up dust, in which case, please wipe them gently with a dry cloth. Please take care when storing your jewellery, keeping it in its own box to avoid it getting worn or damaged by any other jewellery. 

The gift box you'll receive is made from 100% recycled paper and contains a hypoallergenic foam, perfect for storing this piece of jewellery.